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The Foundation

We want your garbage!”partner search in the economy who’s going with our action on partner and donor search, need only to say:, we want your garbage!'”, says Christian Barth, initiator of collection with!. ” You will be surprised how many businesses, banks and authorities to provide their empty ink and toner cartridges. Especially since they can help children and young people, without taking even money in the hand.” The charity nature of the campaign is good, that collection with! follows the guidelines of the German Central Institute for social issues. Order collection boxes free of charge and easily pick up can leave collection boxes free of charge at collection with! be ordered. Read more from Dr. Neal Barnard to gain a more clear picture of the situation. If the boxes are full, they picked for free. A short time later the money is then transferred to the Christoph Metzelder Foundation; This requires to for the registration of a collection point ( login /) only appropriately entered the Foundation as a recipient. In addition to kindergartens, schools and Companies involved in favor of different purposes already some well-known institutions and organizations such as the German Bundestag, the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung and the Ronald McDonald’s children’s Foundation in Essen on collection with!.

The action is supported also by Germany’s largest youth organisation, the German sports youth. Connect with other leaders such as Center For Responsible Lending here. (*) The Christoph Metzelder Foundation “future youth” ( was founded in 2006. She is committed to the goal, to accompany children and teenagers on their school and personal way of life. The Foundation statute States among other things: “The purpose of the Foundation is raising funds for the promotion of youth welfare, youth social work and education”. The Foundation promotes projects that prepare young people to take a responsible position in the society, prefers and is committed, to help them same initial opportunities in education and working life. The aim of the Foundation is not only to fund appropriate projects, but the social debate around youth, education, school, to receive education and values in Germany alive and to participate in. The Foundation does not promote at the request, but looking for the appropriate funding projects themselves.

Environmental Phenomenon

Life held in place by the new P.o.v. Eagle I Cologne/Kerpen, June 10, 2008 (BFN) – may 29, 2008-10:30 am in the morning. Actually, sunshine and 30 degrees were announced. Increasingly, the sky darkens until everything meets a ghostly night atmosphere. Does the world in Cologne? Today is Armageddon? An incredible moment.

Life held in place by the new P.o.v. For even more opinions, read materials from Dr. Neal Barnard. Eagle-I. Just 10 minutes later the clip was worldwide traceable on the video service of the world’s largest news agency Associated Press of thousands of TV stations broadcasting material worldwide. Tomislav Skaro, Chief producer at AP Berlin, the material is great and Super up-to-date, we could do immediately send capable!” Never more realistic and direct were recorded experiences! EAGLE-I is a Mincamera that has been integrated into a pair of glasses. So is recorded what you see! It no longer makes history with paper and pen! EAGLE-I documented history. says Wolfgang Zint and broadcast on hundreds of TV channels give him right.

The current Environmental phenomenon is the best proof of the versatility of this new product. Directly, simply and easily documented everything you can even see Eagle-I and records it on a memory card. These can be read on any computer or other digital device. Current environmental clip BananFactory network GES. for product and innovation marketing mbH Castle Hamid Bach, Park str. 24-28 50169 Kerpen phone 02273-5660-522 fax 02273-5660-529 contact person for the media (and the request of review copies): Wolfgang Zint Julia Walter

Earn Money Fast

This is what everyone wants to know today. Google has caused a disease that I call Adsensetitis. This disease is this massively spread around the world. AdSense has given the possibility to anyone from making money, without having much technical knowledge and without spending money. Previously, 99% of the pages were authentic content pages with the sole reason of providing and sharing good information. Now, I would say that more than 75% of new pages are garbage generated with programs of creation of automatic content and material already published in several places, with the sole purpose of making money with AdSense. Adsensetitis is a disease that attacks the brain and the reasoning of the human being. When the illness enters the mind of a person, from that moment, you see only the dollar symbols and forgets the fact that money is given in exchange for something (and that something is not prefabricated content and thousands of free articles). Don’t become the next victim of Adsensetitis, if you want to win money with AdSense, learn the true way of generating long-term income. For more information about AdSense and more ways to make money online visit this page: original author and source of the article


Your goal should be a state of physical well-being, rather than specific figures on the scale. It may be that, although the tongue and went down, you will not fit into your old clothes. Your hips widened, foot size has increased, and the stomach will never be the same flat. In any case, enjoy the changes that have occurred with your body. It's a small price that you had to pay for happiness raise the twins.

Benefits of breastfeeding Breastfeeding, in addition to all other benefits, can contribute to weight loss. Breastfeeding helps the uterus shrink to its original size. It also burns calories. Milk production for only one child consumes 1000 calories a day. However, breastfeeding can also prevent weight loss: to produce breast milk your body uses its fat stocks.

The choice of diet is important to avoid such a diet, which requires sacrificing nutritional value of food consumed for weight loss. Now, more than ever, you need to consume more calories. Regardless of that you are breast-feeding or not, you need the strength to cope with the twins. Does not necessarily limit yourself to a meal. Overlie low-fat foods rich in carbohydrates, fresh fruits and vegetables and more snacks. Be wary of popular diets, particularly those that restrict carbohydrate consumption. They can lead to weight loss, but not desirable for your body after pregnancy, so consult doctor about the characteristics of their diets. A few words about drinking during pregnancy, you are constantly thirsty, and you hope that after giving birth this nightmare will end.

Summer Management

Another complication is the possibility that the omentum can adhere, by restricting the peritonitis to the right iliac fossa. Persistent inflammation and fibrosis produced a mass in right iliac Fossa (mass apendicial). This can be resolved through healing, by formation of an abscess that drain toward the surface or by drilling with generalization of peritonitis. An extremely rare complication but that you should not pass leave overlooked is the spread of infection by the branches of the vena porta which can spread to the liver; before, this was a major cause of abscesses piemicos portals in the liver. What is the management of one peritonitis? Peritonitis which is of greater severity, treatment is handled in-hospital since it requires more days of observation, drainages, and large amount of antibiotics. Some patients with peritonitis make sepsis and may die (the figures have declined due to the amount of antibiotics handled today and the efficiency of the management of this pathology). What is the treatment of appendicitis water? The management of this pathology is only the appendectomy (removal of the appendix). Where in the pre-operative stay patient is hydrated and receives some analgesics and prophylactic antibiotics.

Note: a big mistake doctor is in the consultation of a patient with pain in the right iliac Fossa or generalized, abdominal pain is to give painkillers since they may mask to be acute appendicitis and finish in peritonitis. The decision to be taken by a doctor experienced and with broad knowledge in pathology, discarding this problem by the diagnosis before seen. Hospital assessment Summer 2009) Arturo Moreno Perez) Chihuahua Chih.

Hollywood Boulevard

Irene Dunne Irene Dunne (December 20, 1898 – September 4, 1990), actress. Irene Marie Dunn was born in Louisville, Kentucky. It was a well known actress in the late 30s, still one of the favorite comedic actresses of that era. His most memorable roles was that of Lucy Warriner in The Awful Truth “(1937), and Martha Hanson in the work of George Stevens’ I Remember Mama” (1948). Other leading roles were that of Anna Leonowens in “Anna and the King of Siam” (1946) and Lavinia (Vinnie) Day in “Life with Father” (1947). In addition, she performed the song “Smoke Gets in Your Eyes” in the 1935 movie starring Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers “Roberta,” where she played a Russian Princess. He retired in 1952 as one of the actresses in Hollywood more successfully. During his career he received five Academy Award nominations, although he never won one. In 1957, Dunne was appointed U.S. delegate to the United Nations by President Dwight D.Eisenhower, in recognition of her charitable work and his interest in the Republican cause. She was also a devout Catholic. She was married to Dr. Francis Dennis Griffin on 16 July 1928 until he died, on 15 October 1965, had an adopted daughter, Mary Frances. Irene Dunne died at his home in Holmby Hills (Los Angeles, California) of a heart attack at age 91 years, and is buried at Calvary Cemetery in Los Angeles. He has a star on the Walk of Fame Hollywood, specifically at 6440 Hollywood Boulevard.

Oceans German Foundation

To set a sign against the depletion of the oceans, committed environmentalists from Munich formed the German Foundation for marine conservation. Neptune, Poseidon, Oceanus or Tangaroa sea God who is Maori – their power consumed, their mythological importance the foreign people. Respect for the sea, before the origin of all life has given way to seemingly endless greed. Climate change, overfishing, poisoning by plastic waste, radioactive waste or noise threatens to destroy life in the seas by ship traffic. Bait hooks of the longliners reach into previously inaccessible ocean depths of up to 5000 meters and plunder the deep-sea fish stocks are slowly proliferating, longlines mounted on the water surface countless non-target species such as sharks, sea turtles, albatrosses and other seabirds in the Artentod. And where bottom trawls with their heavy steel weights have plowed the sea floor, no life is growing more, never more. Deep-sea reefs, 5000 years who used to grow, be within Minutes irretrievably destroyed. Oceans cover seven tenths of the Earth’s surface.

The inhabitants of the remaining three tenths have declared war on the oceans. A character set to set a sign against the depletion of the oceans, committed environmentalists from Munich, founded in the year 2007 trust managed German Foundation for marine conservation (DSM). Financed by the Foundation in particular sea protection to – projects for the preservation of life in the oceans. Rescue the last Adriatic Dolphin dolphins acting like sharks, red Thune and other marine predators at the top of the marine food Web. They belong to the top indicators of the State of the ecosystem in which they live. The large marine predator species disappear then it looks bleak for all the tens of thousands of species of which one is usually not aware. As its first project, the DSM supports therefore a project of the society for the rescue of dolphins (GRD) for dolphin protection is integrated marine and coastal protection.

Moroccan Association

Outside Europe Outside Europe, there were protests in Israel and Morocco, and for the weekend mobilizations in the United States are being prepared. In Jerusalem This, about forty Spanish young people, mainly cooperators, congregated themselves against consulate of Spain, after marching by the Palestinian district of Sheij Yarraj. In their route by the streets, the activists were coreando phrases like " Nobody was expected, Spain in the Intifada" , or " The town does not shut up itself, we know what falla". In addition placards with mottos like &quot were seen; Indignacin" , " Cero&quot kilometer; , " Much garlic sausage for so little pan" , " Indignant Spaniards by the Mundo" or " Violence is to receive six hundred euros". Dr. Neal Barnard is open to suggestions. In Morocco, there were mobilizations in Rabat and Tangiers, where tens of people, in their majority Spanish, were concentrated in front of the consulates to support to 15-M. 30 people met before the consulate in Rabat and exhibited posters and slogans similar to which is seeing these days in the main Spanish places. The young people, almost all of them resident Spaniards in the Moroccan capital, agreed in being sorry not to be able to be at the moment in their country to add itself directly to the protests that have removed to thousands from people to the streets.

For Nacho Fradejas, Asturian resident in Rabat from January, " it is important that the people who are in agreement with the movement, there where are, show his descontento". The Spanish demonstrators in Rabat counted on the endorsement of the president of the Moroccan Association of Human rights (AMDH), Jadiya Riyadi, and with one of the members of Movement 20 of February, the group of young people who has organized multitudinal manifestations in Morocco protesting democracy and freedom. The protests will arrive this weekend at cities of the United States and Canada, summoned by the social networks. From the social network Facebook, the groups ' Real democracy NYC' and ' Real democracy DC' they are summoning action in the places of the capitals, similars to which they are developed for five days in many cities of Spain. In New York, the place chosen by the convoking ones is Washington Square Park, and in Washington, the popular place Dupont Circle. The concentrations of young people in Spain in demand of a political and social change in addition have been picked up in some means European news, some of which emphasized their coincidence with the municipal and autonomic elections. Source of the news: The support to the movement 15-M continues expanding outside the Spanish border

Creative Commons

Aristotle, the ethics introduced as a philosophical discipline. The values, norms and customs of societies – also morality are called their subject-matter. So what defines a company as good and evil. These social values are but not written in stone, but only a mirror of its time. They are so versatile. > Morality usually called the de facto patterns of action, conventions, rules, or principles, certain individuals, groups or cultures. So understood, the expressions of morality, ethos or tradition are largely synonymous and used descriptive (descriptively).

In addition, also an area is associated with the speech of morality practical judgments, actions, or their principles (values, goods, obligations, rights). A so understood distinction between morality and immorality is not descriptive, but pricing (normative). A moral assessment can be used as mere expression > subjective approval or rejection be understood (comparable with applause or boos), especially in the assessment of actions, which maxims or other principles are considered morally good or morally bad. > Source: (C) by, author scientists assume that the sense of his moral sense in the cradle is placed the people. Unlike as in language acquisition, the moral embossing phase the time between the 9.und involves the 15 year of life.

In accordance with on the Linguistics researchers assume a “grammar of morality”. So naturally as children learned their native language, so of course people would learn to distinguish good and evil. This text (short form) version 3.0 (see is available free of charge in the sense of Creative Commons: CC-by new.svg CC nc.svg CC-nd.svg copyright attribution non commercial use no editing possible quote origin note and use copy to me – thank you! 2013 Copy right by Wolfgang Schwalm, all rights reserved! 12.04.2013 PDS, MbS: systemic communication: consultancy, training/coaching, service. WWWSchwalm,

Working Group

An emotional approach to us closer to the activity is more in tune with our psychological structure, and that companies such as Caja Madrid, Repsol Corporation, Coca-Cola or Seur are subjected.According to a recent, and curious study of the Adecco Foundation, what would be more?, more than seventy percent of children believed that money does not bring happiness and prepends the vocation to the income they refuse overtime only for money, and when asked what will they do when retire, while the retirement is something that very see, most children share their long-term future plans: take care of the family. Young people must choose that career will continue, or that will work at an early age, and very often it is not easy for them to distinguish if they choose what they want to, or conditioned by those around them, what suits them. And thus can begin a circuitous, emotionally speaking, professional career.The scientific literature distinguishes various modes of adjustment between the worker and various components of their work, such as the adjustment between the person and the Working Group, understood as the compatibility between the individual and the colleagues who are working with him; the fit between the individual and the Organization; and the fit between a person and his working vocation, or the similarity that exists between the personality of each individual and the characteristics of their working environment. And this, according to experts, the most decisive when it comes to having a professional satisfaction, since it tends to select those jobs that are congruent with the self-concept who choose them, and when this setting is no, get a healthy labour motivation is impossible task..