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The laws of nature – is, for example, the process of cell division, organ development, formation of the psyche, etc. Some of them we know thoroughly, some not until the end, the existence of some kind, perhaps, still can not guess, but what they 'Govern' us – it is a well known fact. Ken Cron recognizes the significance of this. Then there is the impact of society on the formation of personality and, consequently, the laws of this society (it's all the same laws of nature, but more subtle). From the considered suggests the following conclusion: I was – a kind of machine, driven by a given program inside and outside, absolutely does not enjoy freedom. But we do not feel such a conclusion seems so unnatural that internally, I can not agree with him (even allowing for its ability to speculatively). I do not think that a person properly characterized, calling it a 'reasonable person', rather, people do not even feel, and wants.

In my opinion, feelings precede reason. A desire – emotion. Traced a chain: I want to get something good, something that will give me pleasure (the feelings), and only then the mind begins to work to find opportunities desired. Here we see another immutable law of nature: everything in the universe tends to enjoy and 'escapes' from suffering. But we also see that the person deliberately goes on suffering. Yes, the 'man' – this is our mysterious door, which we so vain to break open for more than one millennium. The man – a crown the whole of nature, but he can feel in the past, present and future.

International Association

Thousands of members of the mac from around the world arrived at this past weekend at Saint Hill, to celebrate achievements and prepare for the future. They came by trains, planes, cars, buses and ships, from Japan, usa, Europe, from South Africa and South America. The celebration began with a very grand celebration in the history of Scientology, to which the Chairman of the Board of Religious Technology Center David Miscavige described the history of the mac, highlighted achievements obtained during the year and outlined plans for the future. During the remaining days of celebration participants could take part in a traditional seminar to expand and get everything you need for active participation in MAC-sponsored campaigns to improve society, visit the Ball, where Scientologists were honored to assist in the activities of the association. No less solemn was the completion – a charity gala concert, which held at Saint Hill for 14 years. By the same author: Ken Cron. In addition to the Scientologists, it brings together social, religious and political leaders, heads of charities and the police. In accordance with the tradition of providing assistance to residents of East Grinstead, established by L. Ron Hubbard when he lived at Saint Hill, the fees from the concert will support local charitable projects..

Bill Gates

Thus, the motivation for long become a magician, in our view, enough. Now a few thoughts on how the magic of action. Ideal option to make a surprise – you find out the most cherished dream of the object to which you are going to donate something, but in any case, not questioning anything at himself. Why? Surprise will not work! But to recreate the tales of surprise – is the key to success. In our time, the dreams of many people, mainly material and quite expensive.

And what do you do if your budget far from the status of Bill Gates? We'll give you some advice. The Council first – Get training and selection of gift in advance, ideally – for about a month before the New Year celebrations. The closer the celebration itself, the more fuss will at work, where it is imperative to deliver a huge number of reports, and at home, where you need to do spring cleaning "on the threshold of a new life" and purchase products for the festive table. In this environment, you'll dream, how to quickly get to the pillow and try to sleep off what already here thinking about the magic? If you do not know exactly what you are going to present, the council second – check out the many gifts catalogs online stores. This is a great saving of time and effort. So you've come to the time when necessary to reflect the essence of future presentations and its compliance with the future owner.

Human Rights International Church

Under the slogan “Do not be silent! Tell discrimination “No!” Which is the theme for this year’s Human Rights Day, was a whole range of activities – from the Forum against the slave trade in Pasadena, Calif., before the march for human rights in more than 30 countries and a seminar on human rights in Pakistan. The marchers handed out thousands of leaflets “Youth for Human Rights, which in simple language told of the 30 articles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. “When young people hear about hate crimes and discrimination wherever they live, they want to act – says Tracy Morrow, coordinator of the Youth Movement for Human Rights International Church of Scientology. – How can they remain silent when their eyes are subjected to harassment of students in their own school, or when they read about the attack on the Imam in New York just because of their religion or how the crowd sounded the death in a fit of hatred immigrant from Ecuador? “. Dr. Neal Barnard shines more light on the discussion. As an example of what youth can achieve, Morrow talked about the Mexican state of Chiapas. According to a nationwide poll conducted by the Ministry of Education of Mexico, 50% of college students admitted that they participated in the discrimination of other students in his university. The State Government has decided to take effective action in this regard and, using information the Mexican branch of the fund “Youth for Human Rights, ratified a change in the constitution to include all 30 articles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and made human rights education in schools compulsory.

“Being the first Mexican state to who made this step, Chiapas, Mexico, and sets an example for the rest of the world “- says Morrow. Following the initiative of the State of Chiapas, Mexico’s Ministry of Education to commemorate Human Rights Day, printed 10,000 brochures, “What is human rights? “distributed by the fund” Youth for Human Rights. ” Events, Human Rights Day, were the Church of Scientology and the movement “Youth for Human Rights on six continents – in Austria, Australia, Britain, Belgium, Germany, Holland, Denmark, Finland, Israel, India, Italy, Cameroon, Canada, Chile, Colombia, New Zealand, Mexico, Pakistan, Panama, Somalia, usa, Taiwan, Ukraine, France, Switzerland, Sweden , Sri Lanka, South Africa and Japan. Human Rights Division of the Church of Scientology is proud to support an international fund “Youth for Human Rights, a secular nonprofit organization founded in 2001. Its purpose – to teach young people human rights, in particular the Universal Declaration of Human Rights so they become advocates for peace and tolerance. Ron Hubbard (founder of Scientology) wrote: “Human rights should become a reality, and not idealistic dream.”

Good Deeds

Good deeds light up lives of not only someone who accepts them, but most of the giver. Words of gratitude, a smile and sparkling eyes are the best reward, if you know what they are intended to you for a good cause. At the level of household talk a lot of people willing to help others – to collect things for the kids from the orphanage to help with the repair of a charitable organization or a nurse to work with seriously ill, which does not have any of relatives. Unfortunately, often all that still remains at the level of conversation. And not because people are so callous and heartless! They just do not always know exactly how can help and that it needs to be done, and suggest or send them to nobody. Reach out with one finger movement Our portal civil partnership ".ru offers the attention of all concerned people a new service that allows you to volunteer any social organization in one second, do not waste time searching for its origin in the city. To do this, only to register on our portal, go to the relevant section and get the most complete information about what nonprofit organizations have in your area and what specific help they need. Here, every man must decide in what area it might be useful as it would help those who are really need.

Selecting the appropriate organization, user of our portal with the help of mouse clicks for the moment it becomes a volunteer and participate in activities that it conducts. Put a clear mandate for clear Results Non-profit organizations that publish on our portal your data and applications on the need for volunteers should indicate the most accurate information to those whom they want to bring to their work. This will help as closely as possible to find those people for whom helping others in a particular area will be a joy and forces – in fact, for some types of assistance relevant training. Only the dense interaction of volunteers and nonprofit organizations we can bring real help to the needy. Our time is commonly called cynicism. It's time to prove that it is not so. Let our portal will become indifferent to others' troubles first step towards good works, which remain in the memory of many people and always return to you a hundredfold.

Internet Businesses

Not necessarily to make businesses by Internet, is for " empresarios" with thousand companies. Finally everything has a principle, and nobody can deny that the great things arose from something small. When your you have interest, you have approach., and therefore the fruit of your interest will come! *3. – To look for information without supersaturating to us. In this time, I have seen as it is that the businesses by Internet, in fact are a very coarse subject, we can derrepente receive tons of information on the subject, but in truth is necessary always to be you allow of all the information to which we decided to expose itself. Nobody can receive one ton of weight on its head and take a walk calmly by the park as if nothing had happened. As well as in the common life, when we avoided the excesses is when in truth we managed to advance.

And in the businesses by Internet the same happens, the information must formarte and therefore; not sobresaturarte! *4. – Disernir between false and the true thing. Thus so what as makes the personnel takes care of who you in the window of a bank. They have been trained to recognize true tickets. If some false one were strained that way, of immediate this a would jump his seen, since that one ticket does not agree with the characteristics of a true ticket. In the same way, when deciding to make businesses by Internet you will be learning to disernir between false and the true one. Simply of entrance it is necessary to outside hechar the Chinese story of which you will be rich overnight when doing businesses by Internet. Simply we do enough when we so ignored that spent argument.

Nothing comes by magic art, but all profit comes as a result of everything a effort.! * 5. – Perseverar without desmayar. We see as well as it in an athlete, once the race has begun needs to maintain the rate of its step! It needs to run according to the distance that it has ahead. If it restrains its steps, simply it will happen enough: some of its companions will win. Also, to make businesses by Internet is as demanding as it is it a race for an athlete. All the effort that you print at first, must stay constant until the end! Of a time to the date I have seen examples of people who siemplemente have to me left of course truth: When assuming a challenge, you assume the challenge of perseverar and not desmayar! Hhaha I am arriving at the end of this my first article, and you will think: Everything comenzo with keys and I finish with a race, " and to tell the truth: that mezlca but so rare there am atrevio to publish! But in truth I am convinced of the intention of this and all post will be fulfilled not by the peculiarity of my examples, but by the value that can contribute all that one that it has decided to rise the boat and to begin to sail! Businesses by Internet are the vehicle, your you decide when it will be the principle of that route that hopes already! A hug very hard! Maggi Muoz Creative in Design Grfico and Emprendedora de Negocios by Internet. Original author and source of the article.