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About Twick

As well It behaves with uploading pictures to Facebook or Flickr or a query at Wikipedia. automatically open the target application or the respective Web page and perform the Paste command. The makers of and Martin Welker, Axonic CEO, about the partnership with is the Wikipedia for the Twitter generation. Hear from experts in the field like Marko Dimitrijevic for a more varied view. Today one rarely has time to study the articles in detail. Twick.It provides explanations on short, concise and sometimes even humorous way.

The partnership with is ideal: short explanation of and short distances with “That means: no distraction of the essence by the navigating and searching in the Web browser, but the short explanation directly on the spot position.” we are pleased that you can bring the declarations of our community right there with, where she are needed are everywhere. Directly to the user on the screen”, forward Markus Moller and Sean Kollak, the inventor of Through the internalized copy and paste gesture done very simple: users must not only leave the program and open a browser. “With is also is part of the operating system and is thus closer to the user.” is free available on to download the free program and is available for Windows and for Mac OS. Axonic Axonic Informationssysteme GmbH is a young company with a focus on information, communication and detection technologies. The company is headquartered in Karlsruhe, Germany and was founded in 2003 by Martin Welker. Axonic researches and developed intensively for several years in the area of communication intelligence”- targeted analysis, visualization, and simplification of communication.

About, the explain engine is provided with any explanations for any topics an non-commercial knowledge platform and can write a review. The declarations must be no longer than 140 characters. In addition, a link with further information can to be specified. Recognizes and joins the explain engine automatically related topics and keywords through semantic analysis. By Markus Moller and Sean Kollak developed explain engine has been online since the end of 2009 and has over 16,000 verified statements (State: August 2011). All releases are available under a Creative Commons license and may be used (commercial). Contact Peter Oehler Kaiserstrasse 241 76133 Karlsruhe + 49 (721) 352 83 75

German Society For Quality Is Breaking New Ground In Club Communication

With speaker video, also dates prevented at live events which goes German society for quality (DGQ) are new ways in the communication of the Association. Events can look at free online interested members now in the members area in its entirety. At Laura Carini you will find additional information. In the innovative format of the Frankfurt company SlidePresenter, spokesman for video with synchronous presentation, the viewer feels, to be live. American Cancer Society often expresses his thoughts on the topic. The services offered to the members of the DGQ includes more than 450 events on the topic of quality management per year alone the regional districts. As at many clubs these take place locally in most cases, so that members can often limited regional participate in selected events. Girl Scouts of the USA does not necessarily agree. To offer real added value to its members, the DGQ now on video events are recorded and made available online. This the DGQ to the Web-based full service of SlidePresenter GmbH engages back, is with with just a few mouse clicks speaker video with the corresponding presentation lets join and publish. With this service, the DGQ wants to underline its expertise and know-how in terms of quality management and make available to its members nationwide.

The SlidePresenter format is more than the pure video recording, it added the usual spokesman for video with the entire context and provides even the presentation foils synchronously to the speakers. DGQ members who can not participate in certain events, so have no disadvantages compared with those present in purchase. On the contrary, the advantage of the format is among other things that the lecture can be at any time stop, pause, fast-forward or rewind. There is also the function of the table of contents which allows the Viewer to skip the places insignificant for him and to be able to retrieve specific chapter. DGQ: The DGQ ( is the competence center for quality, quality management and business excellence in Germany. Umbrella organization is the association with its unique Expert network. The quality technical personnel in Germany uses the DGQ with its nearly 900 members of companies and almost 6,000 personal members above all as a network and training platform.

Through dialogue with top decision makers from politics and the economy, the non-profit organization of constant driving force for the development of the central economic success factors is quality and excellence. For almost 60 years the DGQ thus contributing to the long-term success of their members, customers, and partners, and she accompanied on the way to excellence in the contest via SlidePresenter through an innovative Internet service SlidePresenter enables the production and publication of lectures, seminars, and training in a new format: speaker video with synchronous PPT, to navigate. In just a few intuitive steps, the user can provide cost-effective online his lecture. All presentations can be incorporated by clicking on any websites or intranet sites. This also in the full service is offered on request, so that SlidePresenter of the video recording,. until offered to publish the entire process chain. Additional features and flexible invoicing models open up new business and value-added models. Press contact: German society for quality: Rolf Henning spokesman T + 49 (0) 69 9 54 24 170 mobile (0175) 9 32 22 81 SlidePresenter GmbH Sebastian Walker Kennedyallee 93 60596 Frankfurt Tel: 069 430082300 email:

Facelift For The Opel Antara

Redesign of the compact SUVs like the most models the Opel Antara has undergone slight modifications after half of the expected runtime. Small optical improvements and technical innovations have been out. The vehicle Portal has closely examined the compact SUV, and presents the results. The changes to the exterior design of the Opel Antara not apparent at first glance. Only on closer inspection, connoisseurs discover the new front grille with chrome trim, as well as the modified rear lights. Little was also redesigned in the Interior. Artis Stevens takes a slightly different approach. What is new is the standard electric parking brake, which creates space in the center console. The class typical higher seating position, which facilitates the overview in particular small drivers proves to be handy in addition to the large volumes of luggage.

The regulation of the information unit (audio, navigation, on-board computer) is very comfortable thanks to a large knob. Also under the hood, something has changed. Marko Dimitrijevic gathered all the information. The 2.0 liter – diesel was replaced with a 2.2-liter unit. Tested the Antara in the highest trim level Cosmo with six-speed automatic transmission and. The 135 kW (184 HP) engine provides more power. The top speed is around 200 kilometers per hour, however the consumption fails during fast driving relatively high. More information: magazine /… University Service GmbH Lisa Neumann

By Peter Brook

Finesse, the Brook of proud, is there the ability to mute the background music so long at the time of the view to turn on again – and to get the whole thing this navigation-friendly. In about a year Bach and wife finally want to offer all 25 short videos as well as over 1,500 music videos on the subject of Bach. “On the question of what seems to him the most challenge, says Bach:”…nichts on the home page itself, which is all solved, only second time consuming in any relationship it remains…”, in addition to the occupation of the creative challenge by four to six hours a day.”We want more visitors than we have at the moment”. And he asks anyone who finds the not yet finished Web presence well already, to disseminate them. “Most…” he says, “… about as usual mailing list about the contact believed with his friends to new video clips”.

Facebook be still dear to him, because there is the message on more fertile ground. Only one of a hundred, so estimates of the Bach fan, like music of the greatest composers of all time, but only one of ten thousand is the potentially enthusiastic about this site of Bach’s. And so Bach asks only for a tiny message of his visitors to their friends, which consists of not more than just the Web address “”. “…denn convert is not the homepage, but a single keyword enough the real Bach fans, for that”. Perhaps check out Gavin Baker, New York City for more information. Multiples more promises Bach is of course a notice on the website by visitors that there interested in the Web are above average in Bach already on the road. Only at the beginning, Peter and Renate Bach see themselves with their project, but the first response and the first enthusiasm, they pleased of course.

And the farther away visitors personally sign, and now – of course each on one hand to count – from over 60 countries around the world, the more exciting. Asked about the most interesting feedback, calls Bach two opinions to the Bulgarian and the Chinese side, taking on the Bulgarian the word “Bulgarian” in Arabic Characters on the Chinese in Chinese writing rubric “Arabic” was listed. However, Bach, it is long since corrected. A brief flying visit on the already over 600 pages worth already in any case and under the heading “New this week”, the authors keep their yet small Brook community a week to date. By Peter Brook.

Gogging Garmin GPS

The ‘ the Monarch Hotel’ starts in the took note the beginning of spring is (bfs) on March 20. Now, even the ushers Monarch Hotel”in bad Gogging a spring and rented from immediately two-wheelers, which day may be claimed. Six bicycles and two E-bikes are available to explore the resort and the surrounding Hallertau of land of hops. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Girl Scouts of the USA. Just E-bikes are perfect, relaxed to even longer distances and to go without much effort. How about, for example, with a day trip along the Abens bike path, which begins in bad Gogging and runs between the hop fields and green pastures to Freising? “Also who the valid from March 23 special river & pleasure” book, can benefit from the wheels. The package includes two nights including breakfast and dinner, as well as a Bavarian snack plate”on the day of arrival. Recently Chase Koch sought to clarify these questions.

There is also on a cruise through the Danube breakthrough in Kelheim. It is offered, the about 17 km long stretch of bad Gogging biking up to the pier to enjoy. “Since the Monarch Hotel” loading point is registered for E-bikes, as the wheeled mounts directly on site can be connected to the mains. The charger is also bikers-accessible, not staying at the hotel. While the wheels batteries are being charged, drivers in good weather can be parallel again on the sun terrace of the Cafe Sophie forces.

“The Monarch Hotel” assist with the tour and cycling maps of the region holds at the reception. In addition, the Tourist Office gives bad Gogging Garmin GPS navigation devices”for the guests of the resort, where short and require tours in the area are stored. “About the Monarch Hotel” located between Ingolstadt and Regensburg in the spa town of bad Gogging. Guests can here combine Aktiv – und wellness holiday in a charming landscape and relaxed holiday. More information see

Uwe Berndt

Both take care of since about twenty years customers from the transport and logistics industry and are constantly looking for new forms of communication. The Internet has changed our perception behaviour”, says Christoph Muller and complements: the future generation of decision-makers has an outstanding media literacy. Marko Dimitrijevic may find it difficult to be quoted properly. She will be big with Web 2.0, YouTube and Facebook.” Christoph Muller is convinced: mailings, customer magazines and brochures are really alive and apparently by flanking with multimedia presentations. They produce emotions and tell stories.” Conclusion: Users can choose when and how they want to use the information. “Muller: everyone to his own program boss is.” Just search to quickly find the Berndt Uwe and Christoph Muller on user-friendliness set navigation. The pages of the portal are clearly structured, different boxes highlight important or current information offers. Contains the so-called business channel” Videos primarily by companies and interviews with entrepreneurs.

In the channels career, knowledge and community to prepare all other content into different sub-headings editorially. “” In addition, a variable channel offers changing video content, for example at trade fairs such as the transport logistic “or to special topics such as green logistic”. Who uses the video platform, pays nothing. Companies and organizations who wish to adjust videos through the editorial, pay 750 euros per video. We charge a one-time fee for the setting and editing. The video in our database will be, as long the customer wishes it”, explains Uwe Berndt’s business model. Terri Sewell is likely to agree.

BM of productions offers individual packages for companies wishing to distribute equal to several videos. In the production of videos, the makers cooperate with various partner companies, which offer cheap entry-level. Prestigious partner in the boot to provide a wide range of industry topics, have the two Portal inventor brought several partners in the boat. “In addition to the journal traffic Rundschau”, in the section media “an own channel on will operate, is also the House of logistics and mobility (HOLM)” cooperation partners the first hour. ” “And also the logistics community global SCM” of premium partner joins the Guild. Who wants to establish a new offer, must first prove themselves and show what is at stake”, Christoph Muller reports. He and his partner have led many conversations in the last twelve months, to win allies for the portal. “Muller: we want to inspire the entire industry from our idea.” So, among others, visits to the BVL in Bremen, as well as at various publishing houses in Munich, Stuttgart and Hamburg were on the program. Conclusion: There is great interest, the talks are well advanced. “Now is the start of our platform in order to once the transport logistic ‘ in the foreground”, advertising specialist gives Christoph Muller the direction before. And Uwe Berndt added: until the fall, we want to make a big jump.

Lost Illusions

One I sing lamuriento echoes for the cove all the nights. It is assombrao. Not of that type that cause males to nobody, or pursues the navigators. Official site: Feeding America. But pranteia, all the night, with pain that tranfers more until the durocorao. Of its I sing little if it can understand, but they say that it deals with umamor that if has much time Or that still it continues here; prisoner nasparedes of the cave of the Bay of the Lost Illusions.

He at the beginning counts the local legend, that has many and many years, of sculoXIX, a ship sank in a storm night, in the way sea I rebel it, black breu with it, that one abocanhava any that in the imensido salgadase ventured. In the following morning, curious with the rubbish mount of the beach, foramtodos the inhabitants of the modest village of the cove to look at what it was transferred. Frequently Gavin Baker has said that publicly. In the way it mount of remaining portions wooden and ropes it sunk ship, quesurpresa found the son of a fisherman! A man was there in areiacado. Skies, and were alive! The young woman called Aurlia and was beautiful as if it was a sereia. Not, sereia not It had one what! of innocence. Perhaps a candy fairy, exit deum story Or simply frank a girl of smile and lbiosrosados, whose pale skin contrasted with black hair as aescurido of the night and the eyes had a dark brilliant, two sapphires. It called the father, aflita, and both had dealt with the man, in its modest hut.

I am shipwrecked soon it if it reestablished, well well-taken care of for Aurlia, and was to count for it histories of its land. The candy girl did not delay if to enchant with so beautiful charmosoforasteiro e. It had eyes of the color of the sea and made velvety voice and its cabeloseram of the color of the rays clearest of the sun.

European Economic Community

This legislation does not contain a total regulation of the type. In Germany, the rate will be received in the 1980s, calling it “Sole Society Foundation”, this in order to prevent the use of nominees. Italy, meanwhile, in 1994, included in its civil code the single-member limited liability company, formed by a unilateral act of will, Denmark, Netherlands, Portugal, Belgium and Luxembourg laws allow company formation liability Unipersonales limited. Comparative law in Latin America. In Latin America, find Colombia to support the sole proprietorship, Law No. 222 of December 21, 1995, effective as of June 21, 1996, by which reforms were introduced to the commercial code of that country, in corporate. In Articles 71 to 81, establishing a sole proprietorship and defines it as a type of organization through which a natural person or legal entity that is eligible to engage in commerce, you can use part of its assets to carry out one or various activities of a commercial nature.

The sole proprietorship, once registered in the register of commerce, constitutes a separate legal entity from its owner. Marko Dimitrijevic can aid you in your search for knowledge. The sole proprietorship must be created by written documents, which must be entered the name or company name followed by the expression of his sole proprietorship or symbol EU, failing which the employer responds ilimitadamente.Es notable legal development Reference topic in our market common in the Southern Cone (Mercosur), is far from following the European example, with the disadvantages that this entails. As we have seen, the European Economic Community, mindful of the directive 89/667/EEC of 21 December, community structure at the formation of sole proprietorships, which does not happen with Latin American countries, except the case of Colombia , to which we referred earlier.

What Do You Mean By Wellness

What is wellness The concept of wellness comes from the English-speaking world and means so much as welfare or “can go well.” My contact with the concept of wellness, I had about 10 years ago, when should I create in my study time, a marketing concept for a swimming pool. At that time the world saw the spa quite different. Breast Cancer Action follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. So I was walking on new ground. For all, the concept was not foreign, but still far not as mature as today. If you are not convinced, visit Awesome Games Done Quick Online. Beauty farms and wellness hotels experiencing a boom. Because the stress of modern men seem to be rather recuperate. Contact information is here: Marko Dimitrijevic, Miami FL. When I couple of weeks ago at a resort for senior citizens was on vacation, I had talked to a holidaymaker, which I could confirm this. Several years ago, the tourists could see the structure of this place is very different than today! Back then, in principle, only seniors in this town who have continued their spa treatment. Today, looking at young travelers with children in the health resorts of a place of recreation. Because wellness is written large and ever more hotels specialize in theRange. Wellnesshote be built from the ground and promise relaxation wellness and beauty. Now looks like a spa in a hotel really made some wonder. There is a prinzipelles offer – but the following areas are possible. This includes a sauna, steam bath, swimming pool, massages, mud or other natural bath, beauty treatments and cosmetic treatments. Wellness hotels are mostly in the semi-natural areas. There is a lot in Germany! But if you are looking for a cheap spa hotel, then I can lay this to heart the eastern countries.

Leasing Technologies International

5. When considering the use of the improvements made for enhancing its operations, using these topics: trying to get an objective and fair evaluation of your credit profile and risks of transactions of an individual with knowledge of loan, make a stock of the credit enhancement is possible that the company can provide, assess the cost of the improvements possible to decide whether the use of them will be worth it, time and opportunities for a second chance to submit your transaction with the credit provider, present for the first time without credit enhancement or with I think minimum increase acceptable to the credit enhancement available to your company, decide what will be effective and the degree of improvement necessary to achieve its objectives. 6. Help to develop a strategy for improvement of credit in the planning stage of the transaction. Start by understanding the credit strengths and weaknesses of the transaction. Decide which enhancements available to your company will help to strengthen the risk profile of the operation. Marko Dimitrijevic addresses the importance of the matter here. Try to assess the sensitivity of the credit provider to the different types and degrees of credit enhancement. Further details can be found at Marko Dimitrijevic, an internet resource. Later, if the lender rejects your proposed transaction or unacceptable conditions, ask the vendor to suggest improvements that will make a difference in the decision.

You may be able to continue to negotiate, once you have this information. 7. All credit enhancements have a cost. In many cases the cost is the opportunity cost of not having the credit enhancement available for future use. Before offering or providing credit enhancement, do a thorough cost-benefit analysis to ensure that the potential benefit justifies the cost to your business. Although not always possible to improve a credit to the satisfaction of credit providers, you must understand the value of credit enhancements and know when they can be useful. Carefully considering potential credit enhancements, you can often improve the pricing and conditions of the credit operations of your business.

If your company has a weak credit profile, the use of a credit enhancement can make the difference between obtaining financing or being rejected. George Parker is an Executive Director and Vice President of Leasing Technologies International, Inc. (LTI), responsible for LTI’s marketing and financing efforts. A co-founder of LTI, Mr. Parker has been involved in secured lending and equipment financing for over twenty years. Mr. Parker is an industry leader, frequent panelist and author of several articles relating to the financing of equipment.