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"That's you, mom, dad is, and the boss with the beta, too, are always together. And I have – I have no one! "Phrase from the fairy tales about Carlson and the Kid, who very much wanted to have a dog Some claim that the dog and child, especially the chest, incompatible, and cite as an example cases of diseases of animal origin. Others point out that growing up next to a fluffy family member is in favor of the formation of the child's personality: learn to care for loved ones instills a sense of decency and responsibility. Puppy! The unequivocal answer to the question of the compatibility of children and pets, and found, as the supporters enough for that and other points of view. Is there sense to argue, argue? Hardly.

But that's what really makes sense, since it is in the application of the maximum effort to ensure the harmonious life of the dog and child in the same area. Especially, that man was created in part diverse fauna – clearly, not in order to eventually completely isolated from it. First of all, we must understand that the dog in any way you plant not only a child, and including myself, and that if a child is small, most of the tasks and responsibilities for the care of a puppy will fall on your shoulders. So ask yourself, are you prepared yourself to have a pet at home, which requires a lot of attention, time to care and communication, as well as monetary costs, there are ready to that all members of your family. After all, the dog actually becomes its newest member.

If you are not ready to hold the animal, it is better not to have at all. Otherwise, when you realize that you have to part with it, it can be great tragedy. The role of animals in their lives, children are very realistic estimate.