Lynx Power-saving Mini-PC

Press release and first test report the silent Mini-PC fails dimensions of 226 x 172 x 42 mm with its very small. Visually, the existing plastic housing represents an impressive design. The device is very easy thanks to the built-in notebook components with 1.3 kg. The power supply is an external power supply available. The Mini-PC is a mobile DualCore CPU in the notebook sector supplied. Very quiet noises during boot was a slight increase in the speed of the cooler. If you are not convinced, visit Dr. Neal Barnard. The Mini-PC remains relatively quiet even under high load with sophisticated graphics. The CPU cooling is controlled by CPU utilization.

The cooler was slightly louder when burning a DVD (36 dBA). The CPU heat generation was measured with values of 39-46 degrees. The RAM can be upgraded to a maximum of 2048 MB DDR2 RAM, PC667. Graphics: Here an Intel GMA945 established chip with 64 MB, which dominates even simple 3D graphics. The output modes are DVI and S-video with HDTV.

The built-in Fujitsu-Siemens notebook hard drive runs very quietly and is hardly audible. The Mini-PC can be supplied at present with a maximum hard disk capacity in GB S-ATA von160 at a speed of 5,400 rpm optical drive is a DVD burner for notebooks of the manufacturer NEC. A test of the device in the vicinity of radio systems (2m and 70 cm units) were no interference immunity. Power the power consumption of the silent-Mini-PC is on average 18 Watt, much like in a notebook. While a new normal PC (Desktop-Tower) on average consumes x 2880 KW/h 0.17 euro = 489,60 Euro a year on electricity, the values for the Lynx silent Mini-PC with a consumption of 960 KW/h x 0.17 euro = 163,20 Euro cheaper alternative to fail in the year. Conclusion: The Lynx silent Mini PC is the best choice if you want to save on the expensive electricity. The manufacturer offers an on-site service with advance exchange of defective components. Connectivity 4 x USB 2.0 Gigabit LAN FireWire EEE1394 4-in-1 card reader (for SD, MS, MMC & MS Pro) integrated Wi-Fi intern 54 To open Mbps Bluetooth Leicht is the device by sliding the cover. Suggestion for improvement: for better heat dissipation we would recommend the use of a casing made of aluminium the manufacturer. Small at the Hamburg-based IT company Karokom as a complete system and agree good also in the price.

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