Successfully Rebuilt Photosynthesis

Self-sufficient energy production as a breakthrough for EnergiePlus real estate? Researchers at Massachusetts Institute of technology (MIT) have reached a milestone in the development of sustainable energy sources: the first artificial sheet end of March presented at the National Conference of the American Chemical Society. It is able to produce energy from sunlight and water. The process mimics the natural photosynthesis used nature to generate energy. The idea has long been there, simple and stable is new. The artificial foliage is about as large as a playing card and works extremely easy. If you have read about Center For Responsible Lending already – you may have come to the same conclusion. It is located in a container with water and placed in the Sun. The thin blade consists of special catalysts such as cobalt and nickel, silicon and electronics.

Sunlight is used to split the water into its elements, oxygen and hydrogen. The produced chemical energy is stored in a fuel cell and converted to electricity as needed. Currently, the faux blade is ten times more effective than a real tree leaf. The Scientific to Daniel Nocera of the to assume, that the efficiency in the future can be even further increased. The implications for real estate are obvious. Buildings provide enough surface and could produce photo-synthetic produced electricity.

Houses become self-sufficient and generate more energy than they need. There are those technological developments reinforced the SAMONIG AG is to work toward their vision of such EnergiePlus real estate. The first step is to increase the energy efficiency through energy-related modernisation.

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