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Let’s talk about building in St. Petersburg and Leningrad region. During construction, finishing, construction products always apply finishing materials. Often, builders, finishers seeking means for building portals, online magazines about the construction and sale of building materials and the provision of services in construction and finishing. We talk about the application and use of foam insulation polyethylene in various fields of human activity. The most important factor when using a heater is its clever use for insulation of facades and walls from the inside, as well as attic insulation or attic. In the insulation of the building, note the warming of the floor. Insulation for the floor should be of the highest quality, and isolation does not necessarily have to be expensive, the best option price must correspond to quality.

It should be noted that insulation of polyethylene foam has a reliability, durability and which is important in building long-term durability. It is important that insulation for the floor over time did not deformed. When using insulation materials in homes IMPORTANT: – that insulation does not contain binders such as phenolic resins – does not crumble, do not emit harmful fumes – did not cause irritation skin, was completely harmless to human health and pets and most importantly that insulation is not subject to rotting of the above factors, we can afford to use insulation foam polyethylene in a residential area. When warming the floor mats are used polyethylene foam, mats must be installed in close to each other, checking the areas where insulation is joined to the wall (do not leave a gap) Care must be taken not only that the floor was insulated with high quality. To heat the house is well maintained in need to think about wall insulation. They can be warmed Stenofonom. This type of insulation is simple to use and installation does not uneasiness.