Batteries In The Environment

Today, batteries are a big problem for our environment, as its contents are hazardous materials like mercury, lead and cadmium. Cells when exposed to air, rain and sun off these materials highly injurious to health have a negative impact on the health of our community, damaging the reproductive system, nervous, kidney, bone, among others. Studies have shown that 35% of mercury pollution is caused by the batteries with household waste incinerated. An ordinary battery can contaminate 167,000 liters of water, while a button battery can pollute up to 600,000 liters of water. Over the past four decades, waste and batteries have produced 180,000 tons in Mexico, which have been thrown into the environment without control. Some estimates indicate that every Mexican uses about 10 disposable batteries per year.

We are a group of students concerned about the ecology of our country, in order to raise awareness among students UDG our university and the general public to realize the danger that contain batteries and know that you have to do something about it. As we know different battery collection campaigns have been launched in our country, but the problem is that they have continuity. Sometimes by budget or lack of storage sites, these projects have been moving gradually away when they should be of high importance to our government. We did some surveys to students of CUCEI with disappointing results, since 50% of respondents did not know where the batteries can be carried, only 47.5% use rechargeable batteries and 62.7% do not put batteries or stored for later deposit . In these times, and all people must separate the cells from normal household waste, which is not done.

Also, as a key point we want to encourage our city government to take steps to solve this major problem. Thus we propose that the garbage trucks have a special compartment for the batteries because this way people do not excuses for not recycling batteries and will permit a greater collection of spent batteries for recycling. Proposal that was raised but was not carried out due to lack of a deposit for them. Some recommendations we offer are: Reduce the use of devices that use batteries, buy batteries not pirates, hybrid devices (battery and mains) plug them where possible, use rechargeable batteries, never throw away batteries with everyday and to get rid of them always place them in collection points.

Physical Activity And Quality Of Life

Writers: Gabriela Phayalla Drigo Viviane Antonelli Eleotero physical Activity and quality of life physical Activity is any movement produced for the muscles and that it generates an energy expense, it optimum business can be considered if treating to public health in result of the economy that could be reached with the combat to the sedentarismo (not practical of physical activity). Nieman Foundation is actively involved in the matter. This practical habit of regular of physical exercise comes being related to a style of healthful life, time that the risk of cardiovascular illnesses is very present in the current world and extremely associate to the low levels of physical activity. Some data show that 2 million attributed deaths exist more than the lack of physical activity and these deaths are caused by not transmissible illnesses as diabetes, cardiovascular obesidade and illnesses (illnesses of the heart). It is not something Ken Cron, New York would like to discuss. Practical frequent and the regular one of physical exercises significantly reduces the risk of sprouting of these illnesses. According to Brazilian society of Medicine of the Sport active individuals (that they practise some type of physical activity regularly) has minor incidence to present chronic-degenerative illnesses as obesidade, for example.

The practical lack of the regular one of activity is responsible for the appearance of some illnesses as arterial hipertenso, obesidade and diabetes mellitus, today thousand of Americans suffer from illnesses that could be prevented with the frequency of physical activity. However this practical regular of physical activity provides well-being, diminishes the risk of premature death, assists in the control of the weight and arterial pressure all these are aspects of the quality of life. The physical exercise is linked the quality of life, therefore it is responsible for previnir illnesses, to increase the physical capacity, to diminish the ssea loss, to diminish the depression incidence and everything is summarized in longevity, that is, long life and with health! BIBLIOGRAPHY GONALVES, Alexander. Topics in Physical Activity Sade.Uberlndia, 2007 BOUCHARD, Claude. Activity Fsica and Obesidade. 1ed. Manole.2003 publishing company.

Ozerninsky Highway

Yaroslavl direction (Vladimir Region). 80 cottages. Novorizhskoe direction (Ruza and Ozerninsky reservoir.) 30 cottages. The most active increases the amount of offers in the region of p. Eye on Simferopol highway.

Over the last year the growth of the proposals made here about 1600 houses. Examples: p District. Oka (Simferopol highway). "Oka Sloboda" (559 homes). "King City", (218 homes). Mozhaiskoe reservoir. (Minsk highway) "Golden Sands", (269 homes).

"Pine Bank," (184 homes). "Mayak" (243 homes). Ivankovskoe reservoir. (Leningrad Highway) "Konakovo River Club, (171 cottage). "Expance" (30 houses). "Volga-Volga" (89 houses). "Moscow Sea" (83 area without a contract). Ozerninsky and Ruza Reservoir. (Novorizhskoe highway) "Lake" (41 houses, 42 townhouses). "Ruza spaces", (213 plots without a contract). "Falconry" (93 plot without contract). Characteristics of the proposal. Such remoteness from Moscow makes buying a ready home is much more advantageous than the purchase of land without a contract for the further construction of their own, which requires constant monitoring. In most cases, in a segment for permanent residence, the buyer focuses on the cottage of a model project. Therefore, the need to acquire land without a contract is small, since the need for individual development plan is not at home offers vast majority of houses, namely 80%, is concentrated in a price range from 100 000 to 400 000 $, but the bulk of the proposals represent a cottage home ranging from 100 to 250 meters, as a rule, field plot area from 10 to 25 acres. For projects more relevant format suburban houses made of wood for the following reasons: low construction costs, shorter construction home, relatively low cost of internal and external finish, compared with houses made of other materials. The vast majority of houses offered in a "shell and core", which implies the existence of rough stairs and rough floors, and do not imply the installation of heating equipment. Perspective. The rapid development of the segment "distant cottages" will attract developers and customers to the underdeveloped areas, which have a high natural characteristics and good transport accessibility. It is necessary to highlight such areas as: Simferopol highway (near p. Oka, Tul.). Kiev highway (Kaluga region), is worth noted that the demand in this market segment is potentially a large amount. The highest investment potential in the territory adjacent to areas of Moscow – Tver, Smolensk, Tula, Kaluga. The territory of these areas has a favorable natural characteristics (the presence of forests, scenic landscapes, large bodies of water – reservoirs and rivers, and good traffic). Development prospects Market organized by villages, located on the east, is assessed as low due to the worst environmental and traffic conditions.

Golem Show Signs

Gleb Zinoviev, online newspaper world of Kabbalah What is the most practical solution may be to offer people? – He needs to know about the world in which he lives today. Today, we must learn again to live in an integrated system, when it all together in the same boat. Where each depends the salvation of all. This, we must teach and their children. We are dealing with nature: the global environment, global human society. Check with American Diabetes Association to learn more. And we need to educate themselves and their children included in this system, where everyone is obliged to take care of one another. Michael Laitman Quilt escaped, flew sheets, pillow, like a frog, galloped away from me … Just like the hero of immortal Korney Ivanovich Chukovsky we found ourselves in a strange world.

For millennia, humanity has built for himself an artificial world. World that exists on our invented the same laws. The man was building the economy, state, introduced various rules setting, creating support institutions, communications, and the suppression of the society. All of this – our creation, our Golem (See note.). Ken Cron is actively involved in the matter. Without all these props and rafters of society, no human being could survive. All tied to everything, everyone is a small corner of this vast and intricate building depends entirely on what others produce.

Until recently, the connection was at the level of the inanimate, as a clay statue of the legend. She still has not healed my life, not filed claims with us. Everything went on as usual. Simple barter trade exchange replaced the exchange of money, have created systems evaluation and exchange of goods, services.


I must say that the different councils of submitted papers may be different, but good tone is if the graduate student behind at least five to seven full-text articles and 3-4 abstracts will be published at the conferences. How much you will need it is better to check with your supervisor and not to delay the formation of research portfolio on the back burner (and certainly not in the third year of teaching). The bulk of the publications of graduate students recruited by second year. This year should be the most productive in terms of publications in scientific journals and presentations at conferences. First scientific publications made up the core chapters and sections of the dissertation (by setting the total line of thought in them). Second in the discussion of theses items can be identified weaknesses in the arguments and take them into account in the text of the thesis. Well, in the third set aside for the last year learning to write research papers in any Do not.

Believe the word, you will not be until then. Especially because the experience of the second year is not the busiest in terms of candidate examinations, provided that the foreign language and a common philosophy course you passed "by hot pursuit "in the first year. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Boy Scouts Of America. In contrast to the abstract, the article has expanded the type and volume of the material is usually from 5 (9 thousand characters) to 10-12 (18-20 thousand characters) typewritten pages. Publish an article in the journal in Currently, no problem. On the Web can find a lot of periodic scientific journals with a circulation of not less than 1000 copies, as well as scientific conferences held once every 2-3 mesyatsa.Naprimer distance conference Modern problems of Arts and Sciences ( From my own experience, that when choosing a scientific journal it is important to note the presence of his isnn (serial number of periodicals) and the city is out of publication. Ideally, it should be the capital of our motherland – Moscow. When choosing the same conference do not forget that the book necessarily has to be assigned an isbn and barcode publication, or publication may not be accepted in the council.

Michael Minderjahn

Insufficient education about risks of the ship Fund participation from conversations with many investors we know that they were informed not at all or not sufficiently by their advisers about the risks of them recommended highly speculative ship Fund investments. Closed-end funds are, as the Federal Supreme Court has put it (AZ. III ZR 249/09), can the entrepreneurial investments the risk that as such, that the invested capital at least for a part lost. The risks of involvement must form therefore an essential part of the consultation. We have found following advice error analysis of numerous discussions here: A very high proportion of the funds paid by the investors is not flowed in the purchase or construction of the ships, but was used for various service fees and sales commissions, as well as interest rates.

This money does not work in the future for investors. Nieman Foundation insists that this is the case. How much this proportion as so-called soft costs, also which was equal to the cost of sales, moving regularly well over 15% of the capital of investors in ship funds, was concealed regularly concealed regularly consulting our experience, although the consultants to detect the use of these funds would have been required. Ship funds are high-risk entrepreneurial investments, involving numerous factors such as Charter revenue or ship operating costs may be subject to fluctuations or changes and can bring the entire Fund concept to fail. Just the risk should have been subject to consultation. Often, ship funds as retirement plans were recommended. In ship funds as retirement savings are not suitable since they are connected with high risks of loss, which can go up to a total loss of investment. The ship operating costs have been calculated regularly too low in the Fund. Sugarcoated earnings expectations were the result.

The consultation was not entered to this point mostly. Also the for the duration of the Fund as firmly fixed exchange rates – US dollar to euro – were overtaken by the reality all too often. Read more here: Ken Cron. Also the risk to be able to find no adequate port Charter, after the end of the initial fixed Charter remained unmentioned in the consultations. The Advisory banks and savings banks have pointed out at least up to the year 2008 into regular care, which commissions (kickbacks), they receive for communicating from fund investments even though they would have been obliged to do so. Because certain errors in the advice keep coming up, we see promising opportunities for the enforcement of claims for damages for the violation of obligations under the respective contracts of advice. Have you drawn a participation in the Lloyd Fund LF 58 – Lloyd of fleet Fund VII? Want to know whether you have chances to get your invested money back? Call us, we are happy to help you. Nittel Banking and capital market law firm contact Mathias Nittel, lawyer for Banking and capital market law, Michael Minderjahn, lawyer

New Zealand Wood

Unfortunately, the Kyoto Protocol could enter into force only after it is ratified by at least 55 countries responsible for the release of not less than 55% of all greenhouse gases (according to 1990). In Currently, thanks to Canada and New Zealand, the number of states that have ratified the protocol to 99, and their total emissions are 40.9%. If Russia (the share of which in 1990 accounted for 17.4% of greenhouse gases) and ratifies the Kyoto Protocol, he finally begins to operate. According to MEP Alexander de Roo, if Russia ratifies the Kyoto Protocol in the near future, we will be able to get about 27 billion euros investment in various sectors of the economy in the near future. At the same time – according to the state 'energy efficiency programs of the economy' – on the introduction of energy saving in the economy, including housing sector to $ 6.5 billion, ie About 20% of the amount of possible investments. Bioenergy sector with a focus on wood fuels is at the junction of the forest industry and thermal power.

Therefore, in establishing bioenergy markets should the company take part of the forest sector and thermal power company. Consider bio-energy in the future development of relations between Russia and Western Europe, production of pellets in Europe is engaged in more than 200 companies. According to the Swedish Pellet Producers Association in 2002, the European market consumed more than 2.5 million tons, and for the next 5 years is estimated at 4 – 5 million tons pellets per year. The recognition that the main profits fall on wood processing, rather than felling has already happened. And while much of the high-quality lumber will be produced in Russia, which will be mean decrease in the volume of sawlogs for export, reducing the production of lumber and sawmill waste in Western Europe. For Russia, on the contrary, it would mean a sharp increase in wood waste. approach.

Invention External

It is not once it was noticed that the hard and hungry periods of social development and state of activity, a jump of witches, magicians, soothsayers, and prophets, and sharply increases the frequency of various manifestations unusual and fascinating events, facts, discoveries, inventions, which should save the world. This is due to the fact that people in hard times of despair is gullible and prone to believe in all sorts of miracles. This also are enterprising leaders. Politicians and government to divert public attention from social problems, and thoughts about rallies and other forms of expressing dissatisfaction, initiate a mass emergence of 'facts' contact with extraterrestrial civilizations or create myths about the external threats that make people united against an external enemy. Fraudsters offer immediately and make a lot of high-sensitive programs thereby once and for all solve all their financial problems (because work 'pyramid').

Churches and sects, taking advantage of the confusion and desperation of people fill up their number of adherents, and thus the donors. For even more opinions, read materials from Spm Llc. On Against these phenomena are already familiar with selfish undertones are reviewed and new technologies to lure the attention and interest in finance and faith in a miracle. People tend to believe in miracles and always looking for him. All would have cloth on the ground, seven-league boots, ride-on oven, magic wand, etc. So people arranged, that it attracts and allures 'BALL'. So, unfortunately, there money and power, the adventurers of all stripes do not deficit will be customer-victims … interesting example of the manifestation of 'creative' thinking in a crisis is the case with our compatriot, who in the summer of 2010, said of the final invention of the eternal engine.


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Logical Approach To Laziness

With laziness faced each person, at least – most of us, and – at the most inopportune moments of his life. "Laziness" – one of the oldest words in Russian. In the explanatory dictionary by Vladimir Dal sloth means "turning away from Labour propensity to idleness and parasitism. Character traits for which a person can get the title of "lazy" – it is slow, the desire to avoid the execution of work, lie down to sleep. In laziness, as in medals, the two sides. One, well-known: too lazy – it's a vice. Second: laziness – it's what keeps us from excessive fatigue. What are the causes of laziness there? Determining the causes of laziness it is important to understand what to do next – whether more relax, or work harder, or combine with one another.

Possible causes of indolence: – physical fatigue – lack of interest as a result of the work – fear, disguised laziness – the wrong environment – Incorrect operating procedure – incorrect thoughts. And another, the biggest reason – when people do not know what he wants from life. It would seem that if laziness is so bad, it should get rid of it. However, not all that easy. Laziness protects us from excessive vanity, excessive stress. It often saves from the congestion, deterioration of health. What does "logically" to deal with laziness? Logical methods of struggle against laziness based on the fact that the implementation of the case becomes a simple, clear and safe, and sometimes even easier the process of work.

The first principle is a logical approach to laziness – it's clear statement of purpose. Try to come to the restaurant and the waiter a question, you'll book, he replied: "I do not want soup!" to re-issue we can say: "And the salad I also will not!" How do you think will happen before – patience is over a waiter or a restaurant menu? The second principle is a logical approach to laziness: thinking through different ways of achieving the goal. How do you usually tie a shoelace? There are several ways, but often most people use one of the easiest. How many ways there are to do plans? The third principle is a logical approach to laziness: checking whether or not we are moving towards the goal. Imagine a man who on some ridiculous coincidence mixed plane and flies in the wrong direction. He can walk, ride a car, in any case, increasing the speed of movement only removes it from the desired goal, if it moves in the opposite direction from her. The fourth principle logical approach to laziness: reaching a goal, not sawing sawdust. When we arrive to the destination, we usually go out of the car. Oddly enough, some people are so addicted to the process of work that can never stop. What is manifested? For example, a person learns English and can not allow myself to start using it. Afraid that mistake. Brief summary: a logical way to combat laziness is able to significantly simplify and expedite the work, and also avoids the senseless actions, which do not produce results. Key skills are planning and seeking new methods to achieve goals. So, dear colleagues, work, tasteful and lazy heart's content, only do not get carried away (and so, and others). And all you all the best.